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I recently had the opportunity to meet with a new friend and to show her what is changing lives all over the world. Of course she loves it and the thing she loved most was the humanitarian part. Afterwards we talked about how important and more priceless travel is.

We went on for a good hour, at least, about or own experiences and needless to say we were both in agreement: travel is priceless.

You see we talked about or own personal experiences, she told me about her trips over seas and I told her about a trip I took over seas and one I took with my family as a child. We both agreed that looking back, neither of us can remember what we got for Christmas or Birthdays those years. Especially me, since my family trip was a Christmas Trip that I got Christmas presents on and despite that, I can’t tell you what I got as gifts, but I can tell you about that trip, the places we visited, the things we did and the overall enjoyment of the trip.

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My friend told me how she got accidentally lost in the city while out of the country. Now most would say, that would be horrible, but she said she saw things that she never would have gotten the chance to see had they not gotten lost. The beauty of the landscape around her.

We talked about history and how there is something so much more different from reading about it in a book, to actually visiting and seeing the sites for yourself. She talked about her visit to one of the concentration camps from the holocaust. She said she remembered reading about it and learning about it in school and via movies on it, but when she took the tour, it as a whole other experience. My friend said that the place was strangely quiet. She mentioned that a group of them were talking, but that when they got there, everything just stopped.

I mentioned how I learned about Stonehenge, but when I actually got to walk at Stonehenge, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the sensations that I felt. The sights, the sounds, the energy of the area I was at, it was all so surreal.

When I thought about it more, it was as if reading about these places in books is almost like a story of fiction, but somewhere in your mind you understand that these things exist or took place. However it’s not until you actually walk the paths that those before you walked or visit the sites that you realize it’s very much real. The pain, the sadness, the energy left behind, it’s all there, screaming to have its story told. When you see these places for yourself, the experience of the sights, the smells, the feel of the area encompasses every nerve in your body and you suddenly realize and gain a huge understanding that you can’t from a book or a classroom.

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Pyramids in Egypt

Imagine reading about the pyramids of Egypt in school, your first thought is usually, “Wow that’s cool, these look really neat.” You understand what took place to build them, who lived them, when they were built, you have this…”book knowledge.” Now imagine if you went there to see them for yourself. You suddenly find yourself surrounded by giant structures that seem to tower over you. You feel the sand beneath your feet, you feel the heat on your skin, you suddenly can picture the people of those days bustling around you as they went about their daily lives, you find yourself walking the same paths you are now walking today. Those sensations that you experience immediately become forever imprinted in your memories, in every part of your body.

Because of this travel is the most worthy of investments we can make and it makes it the most priceless of experiences we could every experience. Schools today are designed to provide our kids with an education, but the best education that we can give our children is the kind that they find by traveling. Visiting the sites of the civil war, walking on the steps of the monuments of great leaders, standing next to Stonehenge, viewing the site in person of Pearl Harbor, all these things provide our children with more culture, more knowledge and more education than any book or school can give.

It’s because of this, that travel should be the main emphasizes for our children. They won’t remember what they got for their birthdays or Christmas, they won’t remember any of those things. However they will remember walking down the same path as a great Pharaoh or standing on the same hill as a solider from the civil war.

All too often we give our kids “things”, we spend more money on those “things” and in the end those things break or get lost or our kids become uninterested in them. We want to give our kids everything, but we forget what is more important. We need to raise our children with culture and knowledge, so they can become the next great leaders of this world. They need an understanding of the world, how each country works, to understand the cultures of the past and present and to experience these things first hand.

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It’s these experiences that will make our children rich and wiser beyond their years. It’s these experiences that will create great leaders of the future. They will take these memories with them as they grow and they will be able to pass these experiences down to their children, long after we are gone. These experiences will also do the same for us, no matter how old we get.

Travel makes us rich and it makes us wise. When we travel, we don’t just read one page, we read a whole series of books, books that are just waiting to be explored, to be experienced. We evolve into a whole other being filled with humility and gratefulness for our own lives and it allows us to open up and share those experiences and those emotions with others, to make a lasting positive impact on those who dream as we do.

Travel is the door to the world, all you need is the key to unlock it. It’s available for all of us: young or old, man or woman, adult or child. Today thousands are taking advantage of the gifts that travel can bring and thousands more are picking up that key. If you want to experience the fulfillment of these gifts for yourself, than pick up the Key and Click Here to unlock the secrets so many people are using right now.

Brightest Blessings!

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