My Story


"You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give." ~Author Unknown

Hi my name is Kelly Leffler. I’ve been married for 16 years, I’m a stay at home mom of two (one Special Needs), and I live in Colorado. For years life has been a roller-coaster of emotions and circumstances for me and my family. To say that life looked bleak was most certainly an understatement. I used to walk around every day feeling hopeless, defeated and overall depressed. My family was falling apart at the seams and I watched helplessly as it happened.

Then in 2013, a friend of mine approached me with something that would turn out to be an answered prayer for us. At first I was reluctant to even look at it, but I realized once I had taken the time to look and I opened my mind to what I was seeing, that how horribly wrong I was. What I saw was about to change our lives for the better. It was a way to secure my children’s futures, especially my special needs child. It was a way for me to follow my passion, a passion I thought I lost. It was a way for me to bring my family back together.

Over the last couple of years, our lives have changed in ways I can’t even begin to explain, but I’ll do my best. My child with disabilities has started making some great improvements, my child’s improvements jumped dramatically over the course of at least one year. I once again had hope for my child’s future. My outlook on life has started to change, no longer do I feel defeated, hopeless or depressed. I also found my passion again and a way to follow my dreams. But most importantly my family was coming back together. We have begun to enjoy each others company and we started making memories.

Evolving Passion

My why has always been my family, but since that time, it has evolved, as most reasons for doing things do. My why has become more intense and more powerful. In May of this year, my family suffered a major circumstance that rocked us to the core, and made us realize how utterly blessed we are to have a choice in our lives. My husband, who is a mechanic by trade, suffered a work related injury in which is left arm caught fire. He usually works 60 hours a week, by himself, but this day, he was lucky to have someone with him when it happened. For two weeks my family was torn apart while my husband stayed in a burn unit in the hospital. He under went 1 surgery procedure and was lucky enough to avoid another procedure. While my husband suffered in intense pain due to daily cleanings of his arm, I under went a roller-coaster of emotions. As a wife, getting a call from someone saying your husband had been badly injured on the job, was frightening for me to handle, in fact it was my worst nightmare. My husband and I are not strangers to the dangers of the industry he works in, but we had always hoped it would never happen to him. Even more so, had the injury been worse, he could have lost his hand or worse his life. As you might guess his hands are an important part of our livelihood, so had it been worse, than we could have been force with the issue of; "What do we do now?"

We found ourselves thinking about what we would do, what would happen next. At first we couldn't come up with anything, and than I realized how lucky we really were. We had a choice, an option to do something about it. Where many people who have found themselves faced with the same or similar situations believe they do not have any other options, they don't have a choice. For some they can go back to the same job or lifestyle, but they do so with a heavy burden on their shoulders, knowing that they were lucky that time, but what about next time? Others aren't as lucky and find themselves wondering what they will do next. It was because of this accident that we realized how important it was to have a Plan B and how critical it would be to have that Plan B in place. We couldn't rely on disability or insurance, we had to rely on ourselves.

Decisions Don't Change

We made a decision that day, that we would do whatever it took to get my husband out of that industry once and for all. Never again do we want to be faced with that fear that gripped both of us. Never again do we want our kids to suffer and feel worry about their father. We were given a blessing, another chance, a wake up call to what needed to be done. We realized that there are others out there just like us, who need to know that they have another option, a choice. That they don't have to settle for their current circumstances, that they can do something about it. And that is our mission, to not only secure out family's future, but to help others find another way, another path. To show others that they DO have control over their lives and that there is something better out there.

 I can tell you over and over again how our lives have changed, but click the video below and you can see for yourself, exactly what "another way" looks like.


I am so blessed to be able to have a "choice", an "option" in life. Where my family and I are not bound by the confines of fear and uncertainty. Sometimes it takes something world shaking to happen to us, for us to see what is more important in life. I've always known it, but it wasn't till my husband's accident did I realize what a gift we have been given and what a waste it would be to not water and feed it every day, so that it will grow into something marvelous for others.

My biggest passion in life has always been helping others, I wanted to make that difference in the lives of kids and people every where, since high school. I've always valued the experiences and lessons that life has to offer us and has yet to give us. Lessons that come from traveling and experiencing the world in a whole new way. My family and I have found a freedom that comes with traveling, in experiencing life through new adventures, whether here at home or at out in the world. Traveling and helping others is a huge passion of mine and  it's slowly becoming my family's passion as well, in fact it's My Business and it's giving us back what we thought we lost and showing us what we have to gain.

I'm so excited to meet you and my hope is that I can help to add value to your life and those around you!!